Initial Existential and Life Questions (+3 vulnerability, +5 Support)

With a life threatening illness, these kinds of questions are bound to happen. I don’t have the answers to them, but I will share with you what mine have been. I value vulnerability and sharing these with others. Sharing with those you care about allows them to be supportive and you to know you aren’t in this alone.

  • I wanted to be a mother at some point…. now, is that even possible and if it is… is it selfish?
  • Am I doing to die? Has my life been worth it yet?
  • Am I supposed to go on with the everyday routine knowing there is a time clock going on inside myself?
  • Should I just have a child right now and stay at home a crochet and write books?
  • What did I do today that was worth it?
  • What if… What if…
  • Does anything I do from here on matter?

It really begins to put life into perspective in terms of what is important.


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