Preparing for Testing (+2 intelligence, -10 fatigue)

Kachu is still going through testing! Since Crohn’s and UC often accompany PSC, a colonoscopy is commonly done after a diagnosis of PSC. Thursday will be my first one. Being 29, this is not a test that is commonly done for people my age.

The prep for this procedure is supposed to be worse than the procedure itself. Being someone who eats healthy foods and a vegan diet, preparing food this week has been difficult.

Prepwork for a colonoscopy:

  • 3 days to a week before the procedure, you are asked to eat a low fiber diet that is free of a lot of food that are common in a vegan diet. You are allowed tofu, but since this messes with my thyroid, I stayed away from tofu. Below is a list of items that you can and cannot eat. I would love to hear what other vegans do during this prep period.

Vegan Colon Prep Diet (things I ate)

Mashed potatoes w/o the skin

Butternut Squash without the skin and over cooked

White rice

Peaches that were without the skin

White Rice Noodles

Veggie Broth

Vegan Peach Jello

The 24hrs before the procedure, you are to only eat jello (yellow or green) and drink broth, and clear liquid.

  • There are laxatives that I won’t go into, but it is the worst part of the procedure. I think that being the worst part is a good thing considering what they do with that camera.
    • You drink A LOT of liquid for this. 74 ounces total. You will be given a powder that needs to be mixed with a clear liquid. You will be drinking a lot of it, so I suggest it be something that you like that isn’t very sweet. I made the mistake of picking juice and mixing all 64 ounces with it.
      • Some tips for this
        • Trying mixing different flavors into bottles
        • Drink this slowly through a straw. You only have an hour to drink half of it at a time. One half the night before and one half the day of the procedure. It can make your stomach hurt, so it is important to not try to down it all at once.
        • Try flavors that aren’t too sweet
    • You won’t be getting much sleep that night so try napping during the day before you drink it. Prop yourself up if you begin to feel sick to your stomach. I stayed up reading Harry Potter propped up in bed most of the night then hugged a pillow and passed out.
  • After the procedure  I just wanted food and sleep. The put me out with sedatives and it was over before I knew it. Other than being loopy, it wasn’t bad and loopy was kinda fun. They took 2 biopsies to double check somethings.
  • Since it didn’t give the doctor all of the information that he wanted, I will be going in for an MR Enterography next week and some blood work. I could use a break from doctor’s appointments and testing for a few weeks after that.

Conclusion: After taking on the colonoscopy boss, I have concluded that I need to add some (+ wisdom) and read some more about what vegans eat before this procedure, mix my potions differently next time (laxative mixture), find a nice inn to rest at during the day before drinking the potion,


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