Strategy to take down (or work with) the boss (PSC & Crohn’s) (+5 hope)

A few things are still unknown. The doctor mentioned that after the next test, we should know what medications to put me on… I don’t want to be on any…

We (Birdy and I) decided to make a game plan. We don’t believe that we have no power to change things for the better.

So here it goes so far. We will be adjusting it as we learn more and experiment:

5-6 meals a day

High Water intake

Rich in anti-inflammatory foods

Rich in anti-oxidants

At least ¼ in liquid (soup, smoothie, etc)

Probiotics daily (combination of food and pill forms)

Vegan coconut Yogurt

Fermented  and pickled foods

Omegas (flax oil, supplement)


Beans broken down more (fermented, or soaked a certain way)

Foods to keep in diet weekly 


Avocado (raw, in smoothies, mouse, gauc, etc)

Sweet potato

Something pickled

Vegan Yogurt


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