I want that +10 to health meal with healing effects

I can’t get in the with gastro doctor until a month from now. So, I began working towards the regiment that Birdy and I made for me. I am eating 5-6 meals a day. The first 2 are mostly liquid. I am making a smoothie in the morning and after the gym I have a vegan protein shake with a well steamed purple sweet potato dipped in hummus.

For the smoothies, I am trying a few from Green Smoothie Girl and others from my pintrest board. My focus is on the items in the smoothies being anti-inflammatory, having antioxidants, and if I can get in some yummy flavors, all the better.

Yesterday and Today’s Shakes:




During the day I drink water or I make something with apple cider vinegar, coconut water, lemon juice, turmeric, pepper, and ginger. I love tart, so it is great for me.


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