Boss Location Revealed!… or is it? (+2 confusion, +2 intelligence)

I haven’t met with the doctor yet to discuss the test results from my latest quests (blood work and MRE). In being an advocate for myself and for my party (the party that I have formed to do battle with PSC and Crohn’s), I have looked at the labs myself.

The neat thing about MRE, MRI, and CT scan results is that someone else already did most of the “interpreting” for you. This is awesome. For the most part, you can know what is going on from reading them yourself; however, there are some medical terms that you may not know or know how to interpret from the interpretation. That being said, reading the results from the quests are important to keep yourself informed and ready to ask the right questions when you see the Gastro healer (if only testing was as easy as casting a spell inside of probing!).

It looks like my blood work came back with everything in working order and negative for all of the usual suspects related to PSC and Crohn’s.  My blood work did show that my blood cells are still not where they need to be. My red blood count is back to normal and my white blood count is still normal, but some other things are off that could point to anemia. This could be due to the diarrhea that I was having. Absorbing what is needed from the food can be difficult when it goes through you like that.

The MRE showed that my small intestine is in good working order as well! Yay! You keep working it small intestine! No healing spell needed there. It did mention that my colon had some hardening around the walls. I am curious if my doctor misdiagnosed me with Crohn’s, when it is actually PSC. I will find out more in a few weeks. So, we know that the boss is not in the small intestine, but is present in the colon. We don’t know if it is present anywhere else to know if it really is Crohn’s.

I have a funny feeling that more testing is on the horizon.


**Side note: wouldn’t it be kinda awesome if we had healers like most fiction books and movies do? Madam Pomfrey from Harry Potter would fix this up with a flick of her wand. A healer from many of the games and movies would simply cast a healing spell. when are doctors going to “get good” as someone in my party would say?

Alas, we are working with medicine from a non-fiction standpoint. Which means that we have to help fuel science!!!!! I signed up on the PSC partner’s website to give them data for research to find a cure and began looking at clinical trials. Medicine related clinical trials are out for me, but I am game for other studies.


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