Poop Victories (+5 hope, +2 /dance)

We learn at a very early age to feel shame related to poop and pooping. Well, that is all changing for me now. I have so many poop stories. Part of me wants to share so that others also experiencing these symptoms don’t feel alone or ashamed by their experiences. The struggle is very real and normal for someone with IBD. Then the other part of me thinks that people don’t really want to hear poop stories.

Every day is mini boss battle that I have with figuring out which foods to eat that won’t cause pain, urgency, and loose stool when I have to go to the restroom.

Every time I go to the restroom at home, Birdy knows how it went before I ever leave the restroom because he can hear me excitedly saying, “great job”, “Yata!”, “It is a 4!” or he can hear me in my best Eeyore voice saying, “…It was a 7”, “oh… :(” I say celebrate the poop victories and be kind to yourself and your body when it doesn’t happen the way you would like it to happen. Your body is rejecting itself, don’t reject it too. Teach it a little love and tenderness and maybe… just maybe, it will pass that on to how it treats itself.

I keep a food log so that I can figure out what might be making my experiences more on the Eeyore side than the happy “Yata!” side. There is a free app called “My Symptoms” that I use to track what I do during the day in general. This includes what I drink, eat, do during the day, flares, pain, my workout, etc. It looks at what you do and eat that could be related to your symptoms.

***Note: I think that my veggie shakes in the morning might be causing symptoms. While they are blended in the Nutribullet until smooth, they are still raw veggies. I am going to get a juicer and also cook some of the veggies before blending them.



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