Getting Involved

Last month I found out about the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundations Walk for a Cure for IBD. I found out on a Monday and it was that Sunday….so I quickly put together a team and we marched to help raise money to fund research for IBD. It is in our hands to help make the difference. We have power and we have choice.


Next month Birdy and I will be attending the PSC Partners conference in Cleveland, OH. More info to come from that soon!


Something else that looks like PSC but isn’t? Knowledge is power.

There is a test that is recommended for doctors to give their patients whenever they think that it might be PSC. I have not yet had this test, but don’t want to get too hopeful about it either. I am a little disappointed that my gastro diagnosed me with PSC without doing this test yet.

The test is for IgG4 something…. I don’t have a lot of information on it yet. What I do know it that it has been misdiagnosed for PSC and can be treated with steroids. I found a few studies on it.Thankfully I am a doctoral student that has access to a research 1 school’s research library. That being said, I did find some things on Google Scholar.

While I take a natural approach to healing for the most part, sometimes people need medicine. PSC has no treatment except for medicine to treat the symptoms, so it having an option for people who have been misdiagnosed, is hopeful.

I get the test done next week. It is only a blood test!

Understanding the magical writing of medical terminology +2 Intelligence

I read the results correctly last time! My Gastro confirmed it! So, the IBD is in a specific part of my colon, that is uncommon of Crohn’s and more common of UC. It is also just in my colon at the moment. Woot! Also, more on how to figure out all of the test results in a later post. *makes note to self to write that one*

What does this mean for me? Well, my guild and I have been looking into research studies that show positive results without taking medication. I will post the links to the studies at the end of this entry.

What is looks like:

-Turmeric without black pepper. This is because it needs to not absorb all the way and still make it into the colon.

-Pre and Pro-biotics

-And if those that want to try a medicine, but don’t want all of those side effects, we found one study that used a low dose of a very unlikely medicine that is used mostly for helping people come off of addictions.

As always, I am not a medical doctor and nothing in my blog is medical advice. I am one of you, looking for ways to reduce or reverse my symptoms.