Update about the Turmeric for IBD +1 to figuring it out

Hey everyone,

Since the PSC is not currently causing any noticeable issues, the Hepatologist wants me to get the IBD under control first. Being that I am not a big fan of medication, I did not take my gastro’s recommendation and begin with Aminosalicylates. This medication appears to have less side effects than the other medications used to treat IBD, but after doing some homework on this medicine, it still has a lot of not so great side effects.

So, as I posted previously, I am taking Turmeric without black pepper to work on the inflammation. I have been on them for 15 days now. They seemed to be doing the job pretty well until the past two days. I did miss one dose the day prior. The last two days I have had abdominal pain and a  BMs on the Bristol scale of 5-7. I have not been taking the Apple Cider Vinegar or probiotics regularly. The study that tested the turmeric also had people on medication. So, I am going to keep using the turmeric and begin to regularly take the ACV and probiotics and see where I am in a month.

I do begin my doctoral program in August, so I would like to sort this out before then. I still don’t leave the house in the morning unless I have used the restroom first, so that could be challenging. Good luck to those out there fighting the good fight and working towards a solution too. I’d love to hear from you!