About Me

My Name is Kachu. I have been diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) and Crohn’s. I am in the early stages and am trying to put it into remission using a plant based diet. If not, then to extend the life of my liver and get Crohn’s into remission. I know that sounds far fetched, but I am going to try it.

This page is to share with others who have PSC, those who have a loved one with PSC, and those who want to know more about it or the role that it plays in someone’s life. As I am in the early stages, I am working to gather more information and resources to share. I will post them as I acquire them. Being in the early stages also means that there will be many with more severe PSC. It tends to not show many symptoms this early. I wanted to record it from the very beginning.  This is the story of my journey. It has just begun.

I know that this is a very serious, life threatening condition. I do take it very seriously and have spent a lot of time crying about it already and asking myself a lot of existential and life questions. That being said, I am a gamer and geek. In order to make this more enjoyable to write and possibly to read, I am going to think of this as a boss fight and I the main character in this story. This allows me to externalize the “problem”, work towards helping myself, not feel like I am broken, and help it to feel more manageable. I am a counselor by trade and will use techniques like this throughout the blog on myself.

My Current Stats:



Vegan Diet low in unhealthy fats (? Health, +5 hope)

Supportive, caring partner we will call Birdy (+5 Strength)

Amazing Gastroenterologist (+3 Dexterity)

Great Health Insurance (+3 Dexterity)

Book Devouring (+2 Intelligence)

Determination (+3 Willpower)

Journal (+ 2 Perception, + 2 Willpower)

Meditation (+3 Wisdom)

Gratitude Journal (+2 Peacefulness)


Thyroid autoimmune disease (-5 health, -3 stamina)

Early stages of PSC (+3 dexterity)

Possible Chron’s (-5 strength, -3 stamina)